Classical music has been excluded from our everyday playlists for some time. This is a project to translate and renew the great masterpieces of music, the “beautiful antiques”, which have been stored deep inside the treasure house, into “modern music.” Together with modern artists, we will be reforming such beautiful music with absolute value.Project Page

2017.11.20 Release
Hane Jessica / Mizuha Nakagawa / Prefuse73
Gabriel Urbain Fauré
artwork: Ayano Tachibana
direction: Yuri Suyama
recording: Kenji Miyamoto
mastering: Seigen Ono
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The release date: 13rd September, 2019
Vocal: Hane Jessica
Piano: Mizuha Nakagawa
Interludes & Remix: Hauschka
Recording & Mastering Engineer: Kenji Miyamoto
Producer: Marei Suyama, Kenji Miyamoto

Artwork: Norihisa Mizuta
Art direction & design: Yuri Suyama
Photograhy: Chiyoe Sugita
Makeup: Hiroko Takashiro
Project Management: Pavut Co.,Ltd.
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