Tree Dance (Fusions and Fantasies)

Fumito Nunoya & Benyamin Nuss – “Fusions and Fantasies”
2022.9.23 Release
Three Dance (Marei Suyama)
6. I. Tree Grown Behind Us
7. III. Old Trees Filtered The Night
8. IV. Realise The Wind, Trees Are…

composer comment (Marei Suyama)






≪Tree dance≫は、表題の通り、樹木が踊るさまを描いたマリンバとピアノのための作品です。

It is said that when an earthquake occurs, trees grow well.
Though there is no evidence, the vibration of the earthquake seems to stir and condition the soil.
Even through unprecedented disasters when the earth is cracked and the city is burnt, and even when people suffer from helplessness and anger, the trees (including apricot and blackberry branches) grow unaffectedly.

Inger Christensen, the author of the poetry collection ‘Alphabet’, through her perceptive and lyrical senses, expressed that human beings are not managers of nature.
On a lonely night, all we hear is the sound of crawling roots underneath the earth and rhythmic breathing of branches and leaves.


Not a few people consider classical music as something you listen to quietly while frowning. Tapping your feet to the rhythm is simply not acceptable. But I’ve always thought that classical music could be danceable – something that DJs can play at a club and you can move your body to.

≪Tree dance≫, as the title suggests, is a musical piece featuring marimba and piano expressing the way trees dance in the wind. The music is almost like the classical version of craftwork, combining four-on-the-floor beats of techno music with the sharp sounds of modern music and organic poetry.

I hope that the colorful musical notes on the score will be given life to and grow in this concert hall, creating a feast of dancing trees. I would be overwhelmed with joy to see the audience move their bodies or tap their feet to the rhythm of music.

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Marimba: Fumito Nunoya
Piano: Benyamin Nuss
℗© 2022 Mons Records